Why Have My Chickens Stopped Laying Eggs?

Someday you might have a flock of hens merrily clucking away, producing farm-fresh eggs to beat the band. The subsequent day you go to the coop to search out … nothing. Not an egg to be discovered. You surprise. Why have my chickens stopped laying? Is it one thing you mentioned? Did your meals providing not meet their approval? What provides?

There are various issues that may trigger a flock to go on strike, sadly, it’s as much as you to determine it out and repair it. When you do repair the problem, it might take the ladies months to get again on monitor so don’t be shocked if you happen to wind up shopping for eggs for some time.

Frequent Causes for Chickens To Cease Laying

Loud, Sudden Sounds

Loud, sudden appears like thunder, hail, explosions and sirens are greater than sufficient to trigger a sudden cease in manufacturing. It’s additionally not unprecedented to see mortality due to such a stressor.


Predators chasing or stalking yard chickens can actually freak out a flock of birds, particularly when extended or repeated. Canines, cats, hawks, rats, foxes, raccoons and even kids might be perceived as a predator to your chickens. For instance, a canine barking at or chasing your birds will certainly freak them out. It’s essential to discover ways to defend chickens from hawks and different predators.


Did you miss a day? Did their water freeze or go dry? Did they run out of feed? An interruption within the availability of meals or water is a sure-fire solution to begin a strike. Did you by accident feed a special feed, or did you purchase a special model of feed? Any sudden change in diet will ship your flock right into a tizzy. If it is advisable to change feed formulation or manufacturers, don’t go “Chilly Turkey,” mix them over to the brand new feed progressively over a span of per week.

The results of sunshine and diet is definitely witnessed in a industrial flock, like this one on the College Of Connecticut


Birds are extraordinarily photosensitive. A sudden change in daylight period is a quite common reason behind issues, particularly in layers. If the size of sunshine publicity time instantly shortens, their our bodies assume it’s fall so that they shut down manufacturing and preserve vitality to hold them by means of the chilly months. Lengthening, or a sudden steady publicity of sunshine may cause birds to provide an over sized egg too massive to go. This may end up in birds changing into egg certain, trigger a prolapse or “blow-out” the place their insides turn out to be outsides at which period they usually turn out to be cannibalized by their fellow flock mates. Keep away from these issues by utilizing a reliable timer and defend it from the climate and tampering.

Air High quality

What does a hen coop want? Amongst different issues, it must be designed to permit for a gradual stream of contemporary air. Excessive ammonia ranges attributable to moist litter and/or a scarcity of air circulation can halt manufacturing and trigger illness and critical well being issues. It’s moderately disagreeable for you as properly, so when you have air flow (like a window) however there may be nonetheless inadequate air stream then think about including an inexpensive field fan to 1 window whereas leaving one other opening on the alternative facet of the coop to create a cross breeze. These followers may also be placed on a timer to keep away from chilling the birds at night time.

Chickens Stop Laying


Sudden adjustments within the pecking order, diminished area per chicken or a discount in obtainable feed and water area per chicken is one other sure-fire solution to trigger a strike. Introducing new birds to a flock upsets the pecking order, which needs to be re-established. Sudden crowding will increase competitors for meals and water assets in addition to roost and ground area. Did you cut back your variety of water dispensers or let a feeder keep empty? That may even cut back the feeder area or water useful resource area per chicken. Larger rating birds will bully decrease birds out of the way in which, inflicting the decrease rating birds to easily not have the dietary assist they want.

To keep away from competitors, ensure you might have ample ground area, nest area, feeder area and water capability to accommodate your flock plus a margin for security. Don’t introduce birds to your flock if it may be prevented, but when it will probably’t then ensure you present ample room for birds to evade confrontation. I’ve one of the best luck by introducing new birds at night time when everyone seems to be roosting, that manner all of them get up collectively and have an opportunity to acclimate higher versus simply dropping birds in and immediately inflicting a problem to the prevailing flock.


A illness or parasite an infection can shut down a whole flock rapidly, so thoughts your biosecurity, maintain your birds wholesome and reply instantly to any proof of sickness within the flock. Search an expert analysis when coping with sickness, nonetheless apparent infestations will be swiftly handled.


Have your hens started to sit down on their eggs? Many breeds are vulnerable to broodiness and make good moms, which is sweet if you’d like them to hatch chicks. However if you happen to don’t, then it is advisable to shoo them off the nest and discourage them from loitering within the nests. Typical indicators of a broody hen are a naked chest, excessive unwillingness to vacate the nest, loud offended vocalizations if you strategy her nest and downright aggression to any hand that dares to return shut. Additionally, if you happen to discover extraordinarily massive, stable and malodorous droppings, then you might have a hen that’s gone broody.

This flock appears to be like fairly ragged from preventing, overzealous roosters and the beginnings of a molt


There’s at all times the traditional motive for a halt in egg manufacturing; molting. After about 12 months of straight laying, your chicken’s physique is drained and naturally adjustments it’s chemistry to provide it’s self a break. A molt is characterised by a halt in laying and an abundance of feathers being shed. You’ll see your birds methodically shed and re-grow their feathers tract by tract and the proof shall be throughout your coop. In case your total flock begins this, then you’ll have to wait it out for a couple of month. If the molt is noticeably synchronized, it’s best to search for the catalyst which is able to doubtless be one of many causes mentioned above.

Except you’re making an attempt to pressure molt your birds, keep away from exposing your chickens to those stressors. Holding them completely happy, wholesome, protected, correctly lighted and properly fed will guarantee a gradual provide of hen-fruit in your omelet, however if you happen to shirk your duties as a caretaker, chances are you’ll end up taking the stroll of disgrace… to the grocery retailer… for eggs.

What recommendation would you give a small-flock proprietor with the query: why have my chickens stopped laying? Have you learnt the right way to get chickens to put eggs once more