The White Rock Chicken is a very bright, stunning, dazzling white chicken with its large dark eyes. This is your typical laid back chicken that lived off great-grandma s kitchen and help put lunch on the table for your family. These are our old standby chickens from the old rural farmhouse paintings. Actually they have always been around, performing the simple chicken chores for centuries. They just recently became free range and introduced to mass produce of farm products with the coming of “The Free Range” movement.

The Benefits Of Owning A White Rock Chicken

White Rock Chicken is one of the most versatile breeds of pet available today. These days chickens are bred to high standards and have specific characteristics to make them desirable to breeders. White Rock chickens are no different. They have been crossbred with brown egg chickens to create the popular white chicken breed we are familiar with. They have their basic features of white feather, brown egg, and a short tail.

White Rock Chicken Egg Color

These White Rock chickens are known to have low egg production but the quality does not fall short of the standard. Their meat is medium priced and is often referred to as premium chicken. They are very good at cleaning because of their fluffy feathers.

White Rock Chicken Eggs

These roosters are very active and energetic birds that love to sing and fly. White Rock Chicken These hens lay a large number of eggs during the summer months. Their egg production does not decrease even with their limited use in the backyard. These white chickens are very intelligent and inquisitive and will become comfortable and stay indoors if they are properly cared for.

White Rock Chicken

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Chickens will peck at and attack flies, mosquitoes, bugs, and other insects as long as they are kept in safe surroundings. These hens enjoy and are loyal to their owners. They love to be in fields, on farms or in backyards where they can roam freely. White Rock Chicken If you want to have this white chicken breed as a pet then you should buy them from an experienced breeder who can provide you with a great variety of pets.

The trick to making your birds stay with you are providing them with a comfortable cage, a nutritious and balanced diet, regular access to fresh clean water, and giving them enough free range space to run around.

White Rock Chicken Vs Leghorn

White Rock chickens also enjoy singing, dancing, and playing. They are easy to please and don’t require too much work. The white egg layers are very popular with people who don’t have time to devote to breeding and rearing laying hens. This breed of hens can lay an abundance of eggs in just one day. Their egg production also peaks at about two weeks of age.

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They are also very sturdy and strong, which makes them easy to maintain and care for. They lay a healthy and high-quality egg that is easily digestible. The meat from these chickens has a sweeter taste than most other breeds of chicken and they don’t generally turn bad when they are cooked. They have a thicker texture than most other types of chicken and it has a good chew that is satisfying.

What Color Eggs Do White Rocks Lay

Do White Rock Chickens Lay Eggs The white rock chicken is a very healthy breed, because they don’t suffer from a disease called “cardiac failure”. This illness affects about half the birds that are part of this particular group. They also have very thick and sturdy bones, which makes them resistant to breaks.

What İs A White Rock Chicken Breeding and rearing these animals is not that difficult and it doesn’t take long to rear a flock if you know how to care for them. You can get a beautiful variety of white rock chickens in a variety of colors. This will make your backyard a point of interest and a place where you can enjoy the beauty of nature in all its glory.