The White Leghorn Chicken has a distinctive flavor that is quite unique among all chickens. This is partly due to the crossbreeding of several breeds of chickens over a long period of time. The White Leghorn has some characteristics of both the Pied and Tanagers but is completely different in look. The overall appearance is a cross between the White York and the White French Chicken, though this is by no means an accurate representation of the crossbred characteristics of these birds. These characteristics are more likely to be seen in White Leghorn breed standards.

Cross Breeds of White Leghorn Chicken

White Leghorn chicken are extremely popular today, and they are used extensively for many dishes. These are also commonly used as pets and for hunting. Though not as prolific crossbreeds as Pied and Tanagers, they still are very common and there are many quality breeders that are producing good quality White Leghorn chickens that are really worth getting. Here are some of the most popular White Leghorn breeds currently available.

White Leghorn Chicken Facts

The Gouty White Leghorn breed was created through crossbreeding of the White Leghorn with the more prevalent Tanager. Gouty is the most common condition seen in crossbred White Leghorns and is actually a genetic inheritance. This means that the crossbred chicken will have tendencies towards gout as well as the Tanager. This crossbred chicken is considered to be hypoallergenic and is also known as “Gout Free“.

White Leghorn Chicken Characteristics

The Cattle Baron is another crossbred variety of the White Leghorn. This crossbred has been known to have a longer life span than most White Leghorn crossbreds. They are also less susceptible to disease and have had a reduction in reproductive problems. The crossbreds are also known to produce higher quality eggs. This makes them ideal for those who want to raise a healthy and productive chicken flock.

White Leghorn Chicken

White Leghorn Chicken

White Leghorn Chicken Eggs

The Ruddy Tanager is yet another crossbred variety of the White Leghorn that is highly desirable. These White Leghorn crossbreds are highly attractive and the white markings make them stand out even more. Ruddy Tanagers have been bred down from the White Leghorn into a very sweet and mild chicken. This makes them great for those who want to raise a chicken that does well in the confined space of a coop. Ruddy Tanagers also produces quality eggs and is less prone to disease than other crossbreds.

White Leghorn Chicken Egg Color

Crossbreeds exist that are recognized by the American Kennel Club as show winners. These crossbreds are very valuable because they are the champions and the breeding methods used are the same as the champions. You can also find crossbreds that are recognized by the Royal chicken Association and the Australian Royal Chicken Breeders Association. These crossbreeds can be raised on top of organic chicken feed because they have been approved for organic production.

White Leghorn Chicken Origin

When you are considering raising White Leghorn chickens, you should take the time to learn about the many different types of crossbreds available. This will allow you to choose a breed that has been proven to be very successful in raising chicken and that is also the breed of your choice. You can also choose a breed that has a history of producing only good quality eggs. All of these factors combined can help you easily determine which type of White Leghorn chicken to raise.

White Leghorn Chicken Egg Production

When it comes to crossbred White Leghorn chickens, the number one concern is safety. The more purebred your chicken is, the safer it will be. Since the white variants are so closely related to the red bloodlines of chickens, crossbreeding them can create huge risks. Many purebred White Leghorn is known for having a high mortality rate and being prone to many different health issues. Always make sure that you choose your crossbreds carefully and that you prepare for whatever may come your way.