Turken Chicken is very popular, especially in the United Kingdom. In America, Turken is more popular than most other breeds, including the Rhode Island Reds, Boston Red, Quail, and Waterfowl. Many consider them to be a cross between a chicken and a goose. The Naked Neck is a common breed of chicken that is naturally without feathers around its neck.

Turken Chicken Eggs

The breed is commonly known as the Transylvanian Naked Neck or the Turken. Originally, from Transylvania, Romania, and is now mostly grown in Germany. This breed is considered to be high maintenance since it needs a lot of space to roam around. The size of this breed can vary from being quite small to being much larger than the norm, sometimes reaching up to twenty-five pounds or more.

Chicken Breeds for Raising Turken Chickens

The Turken Chicken is usually rounded at the tip, but can also be pointed. They have a long bill which is colored black. They have two breast bones with a short under-bone. These legs have some “skeletons” or spurs along the back, which are used to guide the birds through their feeding rituals. The legs have small claws, which are used to lure prey. The legs have strong, but flexible claws which enable them to leap much higher than normal.

Turken Chicken Egg Color

This breed produces chicken eggs, which are white and fluffy, and has a moderately coarse texture. Their meat is very lean and low in fat. Although turken chicken is not the most popular chicken in the United Kingdom, it is becoming more popular. Turken chicken is considered to be a good choice for those who are new to raising chicken. They are easy to care for, making it an ideal choice for anyone who is new to raising chickens.

Turken Chicken

Turken Chicken

Turken Chicken Breed

Chicken like all other breeds of poultry are prone to having problems with their digestive systems. However, the turken is in an even better situation. Because of the high-quality protein they produce, this bird is able to tolerate some of the tougher egg layers. Turken Chicken  Because of the fact that they lay the majority of their eggs on roughage, the turken does not have difficulty digesting their meat. Although they have been known to have problems eating dairy, turkey still grows well on milk products.

Turken Chicken Colors

Turken chicken can live up to twenty years if you make sure that your coop has adequate warmth. Your chicken will generally begin to lay around four eggs per week, which makes them an excellent choice for those who are trying to keep chickens as pets. Although turken chickens are considered to be excellent meat chickens, you should not rely solely on this aspect. Because of the way that they breed, there is not a large amount of meat being produced. Due to this, they are better suited to being a meat source than the red white and blue breeds of chickens.

Turken Chicken Size

While not as popular as other breeds, the white turkey is becoming more popular among chicken breeders. Turken Chicken For Meat Because the white turkey has a larger number of meat chickens, it is an excellent choice for people who want to raise a small flock. While these birds tend to eat a lot of fat, it is not a major problem for them. They do enjoy some fats though, including those in avocados, red peppers, and fried corn. Turken Chicken  Because of this, you may find that your meat supply is limited during the summer months due to the birds not being willing to eat fatty cuts of meat.

Turken Chicken Temperament

Chicken For Sale Atlantic blue chicken is another fine choice for chicken breeders. The Atlantic blue has a lovely white breast meat, but does not enjoy eating much fat. This means that you will have to watch out for the bird eating its own waste. If you are planning on raising turkeys, you will find that the Atlantic blue is in the top five of the turken breeds recommended for feeding.

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