Prime 7 Duck Predators: The best way to Know Which and Prevention


Geese are much more weak to predators than their barnyard poultry friends, chickens. There’s a superb cause the phrase “sitting duck” was coined. These meat and egg birds haven’t any pure technique of self protection in opposition to widespread duck predators. Their beaks are rounded, their toenails will not be sharp sufficient to trigger hurt, and almost all domesticated breeds don’t possess the power to even try and flee by flying away.

The one true means geese have to guard themselves from predators is the diligence and talent their keepers use to construct their duck home or coop and run. Geese which are allowed to free vary (like my flock) are much more weak to predators. Whereas there are means to assist preserve geese secure from predators whereas free ranging, they don’t seem to be foolproof and it’s best to count on to often lose a chicken.

To raised defend geese from predators you first have to find out what threats are looming across the nook. Securing the duck home or coop and run efficiently and requires understanding precisely what kind of predator goes to be attempting to get in. Odds are, you may be dealing with a number of duck predators in quest of a straightforward meal.

Prime 7 Duck Predators

“Rooster hawks” are probably the most generally referred to on farms and homesteads, and are maybe probably the most lethal duck predator. Whereas a hawk shouldn’t be massive sufficient and powerful sufficient to hold off a mature massive breed of duck, they will simply shred their again with the sharp talons on their ft and try and fly away with them. A few years in the past I discovered one among my Jumbo Pekin geese on a path on the higher tier of the hills on our survival homestead. My duck didn’t waddle all the way in which up there over rugged terrain. A robust hawk was apparently in a position to tote it a ways nevertheless it was too heavy and certain too squirmy, to pack and additional and it fell to the bottom. There have been no chunk marks on the neck of the duck or blood wherever, so it was not a fox that grabbed it nor was it a bobcat or a coyote as a result of the duck went lacking through the early afternoon hours.

A mature hawk can often raise about 5 to eight kilos – roughly two thirds of its physique weight. Ducklings, younger geese, and small duck breeds are all extremely weak to those lethal birds of prey. It’s unlawful in nearly all states to kill hawks. Your first possibility for defense from this duck predator, is to maintain a livestock guardian round when the flock is free ranging. The second possibility is to have a canopy on the duck run that’s fabricated from {hardware} fabric to forestall them from utilizing their robust ft to tug aside skinny wire (hen wire is just good for maintaining poultry birds in and can NOT preserve predators out) and get within the dwelling quarters to assault.

Place a photo voltaic powered movement detector owl decor on prime of the duck home or run, together with reflector tape to assist deter hawks from coming round. The imaginative and prescient of a hawk is extremely amplified, that’s the reason the birds can spot prey from such a big distance above and swoop in for the kill. If you happen to paint some massive eyes on the roof of the duck home, it has been identified to not less than barely deter hawks as a result of it methods them into considering one other bigger duck predator has already claimed the world.

coyote searching for food

A coyote is definitely in a position to kill and eat or carry off even the most important of duck breeds. Coyotes usually assault from nightfall to daybreak. Though uncommon, if a coyote is ravenous or rabid it may assault geese and different livestock throughout daytime.

Trapping or capturing coyotes to guard geese and different livestock from them is authorized in states the place they’ve been deemed “nuisance predators” however legal guidelines relating to when and the way coyotes will be trapped or killed could differ broadly by municipality or state.

Coyotes will burrow right into a poultry chicken coop or run identical to a fox. Trenching across the perimeter of the duck home – coop and run one foot deep and lining the ditch with {hardware} fabric will thwart burrowing predators. The {hardware} fabric will ultimately rust and want substitute, however in my expertise it takes 5 years till you must retrench and change the fabric. 

Lining beneath the ground of the dwelling quarters with layers of {hardware} fabric, steel sheeting, and stress handled lumber may also assist deter burrowing duck predators.

a mink in a field

These vile and sneaky rodents are one of the crucial dreaded duck predators on our homestead. They assault rapidly and may kill a number of poultry birds in a single night time. A mink could not devour all that they kill, however their sharp little claws will rip aside the neck flesh of the geese and both kill them immediately or trigger them to slowly and painfully die of shock. 

Mink can squeeze into an area that isn’t a lot greater than 1 / 4 – another excuse to not use the pliable hen wire on the duck home run. Following the entire burrowing duck predator prevention suggestions famous above, in addition to making certain the area round doorways and window flaps will not be massive sufficient to permit a mink to wiggled via will assist defend your flock from these killer rodents. 

Weasels are on this identical rodent household  and are additionally a duck predator. Whereas they can’t get via a gap as small as a mink, they will squeeze into smaller areas than many of us notice. Comply with the burrowing predator and mink prevention suggestions to assist preserve weasels out of your duck home, as properly.

raccoon feeling threatened

The one small duck predator as widespread because the mink all through the USA is the raccoon. They burrow and claw their manner into any area that’s worn, torn, skinny, or massive sufficient for them to succeed in their paws into in an effort to attain a meal.

I as soon as had a raccoon attain in via hen wire to seize at keets (younger guineas) within a brooder that had all the time solely been used within the storage. My rookie mistake by letting the brooder be taken outdoors to acclimate the guineas into however nonetheless maintaining them separated price 4 lives. The raccoon would seize and maintain onto a guinea that ran by and eat off of it till it may maintain or attain it now not after which maneuver across the brooder sides and roof to seize at one other one.

Along with the {hardware} fabric advice for the run and the burrowing duck predators suggestions, I additionally can’t advocate extremely sufficient the usage of a 2-step lock on all duck home and run doorways and window flaps. A racoon can fairly simply work out a easy one step lock – particularly of the hook and latch selection. 

Raccoons typically hunt down eggs, ducklings, and chicks, however that undoubtedly shouldn’t lull you right into a false sense of safety. A coon WILL assault a mature duck whether it is hungry sufficient – particularly if no livestock guardian canine, guineas, or rooster is round to scare it off. I increase chickens, geese, and guineas collectively for simply this cause, to assist defend the flock from widespread hen and duck predators. 

Photo voltaic movement detector lights and movement activated decoys may also assist scare away raccoons.

fox stalking its prey

Foxes have been moving into hen homes for the reason that starting of time. In contrast to coyotes and bobcats, they’ll continuously assault throughout daytime and will be as brazen as they’re sly and fast.

Jumbo duck breeds are far tougher for a fox to snag, however a big fox can definitely pull off simply such an assault. A fox could also be one of the crucial tough predators to catch (if they’re declared a nuisance predator and capturing or trapping them is authorized in your state) as a result of they transfer each rapidly and so silently. 

As a result of they assault in broad daylight, solely movement detector decors that emit sound are prone to be efficient in opposition to this burrowing.

owl sitting on branch

Like hawks, owls will swoop down and snag a duckling in addition to sneak round and steal eggs. Use the identical hawk prevention techniques as famous above to discourage owls. The photo voltaic powered movement activated owl decor can be utilized or changed with a unique and bigger chicken or prey model to assist scare owls away.

bobcat walking in a field


Bobcats will assault geese of all sizes and ages of breeds no matter their measurement. Usually, so long as the flock are put up earlier than nightfall this duck predator will be unable to show them right into a meal. Use the burrowing predator suggestions as famous above and use firmly hooked up {hardware} fabric to forestall a bobcat from getting within the duck home.

Massive predators like bears, wolves, and wild boar are additionally duck predators. If a majority of these animals frequent the wooded areas the place your private home is situated, they’ll seemingly go after calves, goats, and sheep earlier than venturing right into a properly lit space with movement detectors and indicators of human life to kill a duck. Maintaining a pair of livestock guardian canine will assist deter and warn you to massive duck predators in your land. 

Miniature donkeys are additionally a clever funding when coping with predators like wolves, foxes, and particularly coyotes. They won’t solely make an infinite quantity of racket when a risk is close by, however will rush and kick these widespread predators for sport. 

Discover ways to determine not simply the droppings however the indicators left by widespread predators in your areas so you might be properly conscious of a possible duck predator lengthy earlier than it will get near the duck home and run.


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