Top 20 Chicken Breeds

Chicken Breeds it is a fact that hens produce the highest egg yields per chicken, but does this mean that they are the most expensive? The answer is a resounding “yes.” Chicken Breeds because hens have such high yields per egg, it makes sense to purchase the best eggs possible. Chicken Breeders There are many things you can do to make sure your chickens are producing high quality eggs, and these tips will help you get the best eggs possible.

Top 20 Different Chicken Breeds For Backyard Chicken Keepers

Chicken Breeders First, before buying eggs, you should find out what hens produce the highest egg yields per egg, then you can choose the breed that produces that highest egg yield for your particular flock. Chicken Breeds There are six breeds of laying hens, and you can purchase a mixed breed to produce two eggs each week. Backyard Chicken Breeders However, you may want to purchase several mixed breeds to allow for seasonal differences. In any case, the breeds that produce the highest egg yields are:

Backyard Chicken Breeders

White/silver shepherds: These are the most popular breeds in the United States and throughout the world. Chicken Breeds These are part of the Old Family breeds and originated from the breeding of the first chickens to protect the homes of settlers in the 20th century. Backyard Chicken Keepers These chickens have white or silver feathers in their necks and on their tail. Backyard Chicken Keepers Their names come from their coloring, which are typically silver blue or bluish-white. They are very active, intelligent and playful, and can live up to 60 years.

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Chook: This is another wonderful breed of chicken that is relatively new on the market. Chicken Breeds  These are usually cross-bred with the English and Continental chicken breeds. These are very neat birds with dense feather structure. Some chooks have a white undercoating on their flanks. Backyard Chicken Keepers They are very intelligent and lively, and some chicken keepers have produced baby chooks that can be trained to talk to their owners.

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Cochin: These are the smallest of all breeds. Chicken Breeds The cochin chooks may not be as robust as some of the others, but they do make some great pets. These chucks love may enjoy having people hold them and pet them, but do require plenty of attention and care from their keepers.

Top 20 Chicken Breeds for Your Backyard Coop

Barnevelder Breed: This is actually a long thin breed. It got its name from its ability to thrive even in extremely cold weathers. The barnevelder breed is extremely hearty which makes them the perfect backyard chickens for many people. Backyard Chicken Keepers They don’t like much attention, however, so it is a good idea to train them slowly. These birds do well in the apartment because they don’t like the heat and have very thick bones. They are great for people who don’t mind scrubbing their feathers every once in a while.

Basset Hens: These are the perfect backyard chickens for people who are not big fans of the barnevelder breed. They have thick legs and are easy to care for. People love having bassettles because they are very sweet-smelling and colorful. They are also very easy to breed and raise.

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Island Reds: The island reds were originally from Rhode Island. Nowadays they can be found on islands all over the United States. These breeds tend to be calm and quiet and don’t like to be handled much, but they are very popular for keeping in large groups.

Faverolles: Probably the most famous of all breeds was the faverolles. Backyard Chicken Keepers These breeds were so popular that after the turn of the twentieth century, they began to disappear. Today faverolles are back in style. Many people prefer faverolles over the other two because they are usually a lot darker.

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Cochin: The only breed that has been listed twice in this Top 20 list. Chicken Breeds  These are amazing little birds with very small flanks. These are excellent for people who have limited space but want great tasting food for their family. If you are looking for a quiet chicken that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, then perhaps you are wondering which chicken breed you should add to your existing backyard chicken coop. The Cochin is perfect for people who are interested in keeping small birds that are not prolific egg layers.

Belgian: While the name may give you a hint as to the sort of bird it is, the word itself may not. Chicken Breeds This poultry is actually a cross between the white breast and the brown turkey. These stunning little birds tend to have dark colors on their white chests. If you are looking for a chicken that is quiet during the day, has a round body that has white breast, and medium sized wings, then the Belgian is the best choice for you.