Sultan Chicken is a rare breed of chicken originated in Turkey, part of the large and rapidly growing poultry niche family. Its original English name was directly derived from the Arabic word serai-tavuk, which means literally “feathered chickens of the Sultan.” However, it is more commonly referred to simply as “Sultan“, with the “T” replaced by a “z” in lieu of a “c”. It is highly popular among poultry enthusiast and remains a firm favorite.

Various Characteristics of Genuine Sultan Chicken

Sultan Chicken

Sultan Chicken Although the exact lineage of this particular chicken is not known, all modern strains are descendent from the Modern Turkey Black (Yorkshire) or the Modern Turkey White breed, specifically the Crested Turkey Cross. Though some sources indicate that the origin of these cross breeds came from Cyprus, no definitive evidence has been found. In fact, the name was only applied to these birds after the first world war. Sultan Chicken From these early efforts at artificial insemination of wild male chickens, the modern strain of Sultan was introduced.

Sultan Chicken Breed

Like other members of the same class, the Sultan Chicken lays brownish or white meat, weighing in at between five and ten pounds in weight. It is a compact, strong bird with a short tail and neck, short rays and a stocky build. Head and breast are white with dark spots and blotches, and it has a stocky chest. Sultan Chicken To improve its appeal as a whole, the modern strain incorporates dark spots on its head and neck. Other features are similar to the Crested Turkey cross, such as wide flanks and dark undersides of head and neck.

Sultan Chicken

Sultan Chicken

Sultan Chicken Price

This chicken has an average lifespan of up to thirteen years and is known to be resistant to a number of diseases, including the avian influenza. It has an unusually high ability to produce eggs, which makes it a good choice for those looking to start laying chicken eggs. It is also resistant to heat and is good at controlling the air temperature within its coop.

These traits make the Sultan chicken a popular choice for those who like free range poultry. In fact, it is so free ranging that it can even go out into the wild to hunt birds and catch bugs. However, it is not recommended that you leave your Sultan outside at night as this is when the tendency for predators such as foxes and racoons is at its highest.

Sultan Chicken For Sale

There are four different species of Sultan chicken, all with slightly different characteristics but all producing the desired white meat. The common name for this breed is “blue cheeked” chicken because of its distinctive blue cheek patches on its body. Although the majority of these birds are crossbred, there are still some which are considered genetic crossbreeding stock.

Sultan Chicken Dtla

The most popular breed to be used in poultry rearing is the Crossbarred Turkey. The Barred Turkey is the most common and popular breed to be used in commercial egg laying chicken coops. Their eggs are firm and white in color and this makes them very attractive for those who are looking for a good quality egg. This breed is also very strong and robust, which makes them a great choice for keeping hens.

Sultan Chicken Eggs

The White Legged chicken is another very popular choice for keeping poultry and these birds are particularly good at providing good quality eggs. Their white legs and white breast provide an excellent source of protein and their slim bodies add to their attractiveness. Their slim muscular bodies are also very efficient at enabling them to move around and keep the chickens comfortable.

Sultan Chicken Colors

All of these breeds have a high propensity to produce quality offspring although they may sometimes seem to suffer from some early death. Chicken Menu However, this should not cause undue stress as these breeds are very resilient. Sultan Recipe They are also easy to rear and maintain meaning that owners can spend a lot less time caring for their hens. The overall result of owning any of these breeds of Sultan chicken meat is that the chicken meat will continue to improve in quality until it reaches the consumers’ satisfaction.

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