Shamo Rooster Breed Profile: Every part You Want To Know


As chickens grow to be increasingly widespread it’s not stunning that among the extra obscure varieties have been popping up on social media. The Shamo hen is certainly one of these distinctive, eye-catching breeds that’s nonetheless fairly uncommon in america.

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Shamo Rooster Breed Historical past

The Shamo chickens are from Japan and are literally a gaggle of gamebirds and never a single breed. They’re regarded as descended from cock preventing birds introduced from Thailand way back to the 1600s. The identify “Shamo” is derived from the phrase “Siam” which referred to Thailand.

Regardless of their relative rarity in america, they have been truly imported in 1874 for cockfighting. The breed was accepted within the American Poultry Affiliation’s Requirements of Perfection in 1981 and are thought-about a decorative breed. 

These birds are very totally different than their ancestors and have been selectively bred for lots of of years. They’re identified for his or her upright posture, muscular construct, sparce laborious feathering, and distinguished shoulders. While you hear “upright posture” you may be positive that is placing it frivolously. These birds have an nearly vertical physique carriage! Their tails are small and slope downward, they’ve small pea combs, small crimson earlobes, and their wattles are small or lacking totally.

As talked about, Shamos are recreation birds, which implies they have been chosen and bred for cock preventing. The unique birds that have been imported from Thailand have been introduced for that precise objective. They’ve the character of a recreation fowl, which implies they’re brave, ferocious, sturdy, and have superb endurance. They’re, nonetheless, very aggressive with different chickens.

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Shamo Rooster Temperament

They’re normally straightforward to deal with however may be very territorial with another birds. Some hens are even aggressive in the direction of others, so that they’re positively not a good selection on your yard flock! Those who home them in combined teams might discover out that they preserve to themselves or stick with different recreation breeds, but when they begin preventing (even when it’s two Shamo hens) they’ll must be separated since they received’t know when to give up! This aggression begins fairly younger and a few folks have bother with chicks as younger as three weeks previous preventing. And never the playful form of preventing, both! The chicks can actually injure one another.

Bare-heeled cockfighting is authorized in Japan in some areas and the Shamo continues to be used for this objective. One of these cockfighting entails birds which have their pure spurs as a substitute of getting their spurs changed with steel ones or knives. There are efforts underway to ban it altogether because of the cruelty of the game. Playing on cockfights is illegitimate underneath all circumstances.

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Shamo Rooster Egg Laying

Regardless of this genetic predisposition to aggression, the hens are glorious moms! They don’t lay very many eggs, however they are going to go broody and are dedicated to their chicks. Shamo chickens are additionally identified for being pleasant towards people. Birds which might be aggressive to people are normally culled and judges will normally refuse to evaluate them. Effectively-bred Shamos will love folks and revel in being held. They’re curious and clever and can fortunately observe you round when you work.

They’re glorious without cost ranging and might forage successfully. They’re NOT a breed that handles confinement properly, which might make it a problem in the event you’re quick on house. They’re additionally higher tailored to heat climate and don’t deal with freezing temperatures properly, so anticipate to need to complement warmth when it will get chilly outdoors! Their sparse feathering doesn’t give them a lot of a capability to maintain heat after which danger affected by frostbite on their toes and toes.

Shamo Rooster Sizes

Regardless that the Shamo is closely muscled, their meat could be very robust and never thought-about good to eat. Regardless of that, the meat was a part of the eating regimen of many Sumo wrestlers throughout the 19th century.

As a result of Shamos have been used for cockfighting there may be a variety of variation in coloration. Most are black breasted crimson or one other darkish coloration. If you’re taking a look at moving into the breed in america, the American Poultry Affiliation (APA) acknowledged 4 colours of enormous fowl Shamo – black, black breasted crimson, darkish, and wheaten. In addition they acknowledge three colours of bantam Shamo – black, black breasted crimson, and wheaten.

Solely “giant fowl” and “bantam” Shamos are acknowledged within the Usa, however there are seven Shamo breeds designated as Pure Monuments of Japan. These embrace Ehigo-Nankin-Shamo, O-Shamo, Kinpa, Ko-Shamo, Nankin-Shamo, Yakido/Ygido, and Yamato-Shamo.


That is the biggest with the males weighing about 12.4 kilos and the females weighing 7.5 kilos. That is the “giant fowl” Shamo within the US. In Japan they normally solely combat with blunted spurs or bare heels, though O-Shamos in different nations could also be fought with synthetic spurs. They’ve triple pea or walnut combs, pearly eyes, and yellow shanks.


The Ko-Shamo is legendary among the many little Shamos and the males are solely 2.2 kilos at 1 12 months of age. These are just like the “bantam” Shamo within the US. When considered from the entrance they’re about 1/3 neck, 1/3 physique, and 1/3 legs! They’re identified for his or her unbelievable personalities and are described as completely fearless and really pleasant to the purpose the place kids take pleasure in taking part in with them.


The Nankin-Shamo, aka Tuzo, is one other small model with the cocks weighing 3.9 kilos and the hens weighing 3.3 kilos. They’re extra Asil-like in look and a few have blackish tints to the face. There are reviews of strains having black spurs of even black tongues!


The Ehigo-Nankin-Shamo is a variation of the Nankin-Shamo from Niigata Prefecture. They’re extremely comparable however are a little bit taller and thinner.


The Kinpa has origins within the metropolis of Akita in 1830. They’re small and are henny feathered. This implies the cocks don’t have your typical cock feathering, however as a substitute resemble hens! This breed can also be identified for having rounded feathers, as a substitute of pointy ones. Typical colours embrace black, white, spangled, and wheaten.


The Yakido is a more moderen breed that comes from town of Yakido (no shock there.) Regardless of the breed being so younger they’re nonetheless very Shamo-like. It’s stated that it was developed to play the plucky “underdog” in fights in opposition to the bigger O-Shamo. They’re presently solely present in stable black and weigh about 5.7 kilos.


The Yamato-Shamo is fairly distinctive wanting, even for a Shamo, and is characterised by their giant, fleshy head with some vital wrinkling. Their breast is deep, broad, and rounded and the legs are medium in size. Cocks weigh about 4.4 kilos. They aren’t straightforward to breed and hens typically lay the naked minimal variety of eggs to have the ability to reproduce.

Different varieties, or variations, of Shamos or Shamo-like birds embrace the Chu-Shamo, Chibi Shamo, Tosa-Chibi, Satsumadori, and Koeyoshi. These should not designated as Pure Monuments of Japan.


The Chu-Shamo is a lighter model of the O-Shamo with the cocks weighing about 7.7 kilos. They’re nearly similar in look to the O-Shamo.

Chibi Shamo

The Chibi Shamo is a small model of the Yamato-Shamo and the males weight about 2.2 kilos. Their neck, legs, and physique are pretty quick in size, however they nonetheless have an upright carriage and people quick, quick feathers.


Tosa-Chibis are the smallest of the Shamos and solely weight about 1.6 kilos! They aren’t as vertical and their feathers are softer, however they’re nonetheless alleged to be fairly balanced in proportions. There are some short-legged Tosa-Chibis in Japan, however these should not as widespread.


The Satsumadori doesn’t seem like different Shamos, however clearly has a ton of affect from another long-tailed breed. They give the impression of being swish, however are identified for being very aggressive, even to their handlers. They have been bred for actually fast fights and have been normally given just one knife.


The Koeyoshi is expounded to Shamos however was bred for crowing competitions as a substitute of preventing. The very best cocks can crow for 20 seconds or extra straight! They’re much less gamey than the common Shamos, which is comprehensible.

You might also hear names like Koyamo Shamo, Makino Shamo, Seta Shamo, Suzuki Shamo, or Teramoto Shamo, however these names check with traces or birds bred by sure well-known breeders. 


Should you’re on the lookout for a really distinctive breed of hen and have the sources that take care of them, you will discover a variety of enjoyment elevating Shamo chickens! Since they’re acknowledged by the APA you may present them as a substitute of simply displaying them off. They’re in no way a newbie hen or a homestead hen and are an excellent instance of an “decorative” breed.


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