The Red Ranger Chicken, a staple of children’s birthday parties for decades, is making a comeback. The traditional story begins with a lovable chicken who lives on a farm, and the Red Rook rides freely in a horse-drawn carriage to visit his friends. The friends give him many new friends, including three Red Rooks, who all wish to ride along with him on his next adventure. Together they save the captured townsfolk and learn the Wild West is more than just a crazy Wild West! These are the basics of this timeless animated film, and now you can bring this classic tale into your own child’s birthday party with these great Red Ranger Chicken!

The Story Behind the Red Ranger Chicken!

Red Ranger Chicken

The Red Ranger Chicken has been beloved by children since their first release way back in 1970. It’s always good to introduce a new super hero to little kids, and this one manages to do exactly that. Who doesn’t love a lovable little chicken who’s always up for a good time? Kids love the funny dialogues between the Rooks as well as the exciting theme music. (courtesy of the awesome animation) They also love the movie costumes, which have been graciously done for us here!

Red Ranger Chicken Eggs

The Red Ranger Chicken main partner is an egg-laying shelled female named Betty Boop. This lady is also a big fan of riding horses, so she gives the bird some horse stickers to put on her face. The other two wild girls are named Fluffy and Sparky, and they are just as adorable in their own ways. You will be hard pressed to not fall in love with them as the three girls team up with the lovable Red Ranger Chicken in order to protect the townsfolk of Hatteras, Nocona, and Sparky’s Farm from bad guys called the Killer Bunnies.

Red Ranger Chicken

Red Ranger Chicken

Red Ranger Chicken For Sale

The adventures of the Red Ranger Chicken start when they discover a nest of Bunnies (called Stingerbirds, they are very dangerous). The evil captor, called Malory Dixson, wishes to rule the world by capturing the three birds. So he unleashes his evil henchman to catch the Red Ranger Chicken. But the heroes manage to defend themselves and eventually the evil villain flees. With the help of their friends, the Red Ranger Chicken and Fluffy go after Malory, who manages to get away and gives the bird eggs to the three little chicks.

Red Ranger Chicken Breed

These chicks grow up into lovely parrots named Po, Peep, and Feathers. They live at the St. Thomas Aquarium along with many other exotic birds. In fact, they are the first ever pets for humans in the United States. It was a happy event for the entire town when the happy couple accepted these babies as their own. They all live happily ever after, with the exception of the evil Dixson.

Red Ranger Chicken Origin

Now that we have finished with the adventure, it’s time to celebrate the hat accessories that the kids have earned! The hat accessories include the faceplates, eye and mouth masks, earrings, sock and shoe covers, head band, and the base. Po and Peep have their own individual designs. The chicks also have their own designed as well.

Red Ranger Chicken Weight

The hat accessories make an excellent present for any young girl. You can also buy them as bracelets, necklaces or you can even have them personalized! The kids will love showing off their amazing Red Ranger Chicken hats. They will be delighted when visitors bring them home from school and show them off to their friends!

Red Ranger Chicken Characteristics

To see the beautiful collection of Po, Peep, and Feathers, visit the official Red Ranger website! You can also visit the official Don Feathers site to see the variety of crazy designs they have created. You will be definitely surprised with the great variety of items they have in stock! So go crazy and show your inner kid!