Execs And Cons Of Elevating Geese


Execs and cons of duck elevating needs to be fastidiously thought of earlier than investing within the buy and husbandry arrange for these lovable meat and egg birds – even when you simply plan on preserving geese as “farm pets.” Failing to have a look at each the plus and minus scale related to elevating geese might simply lead to not solely a large cash loss for you, but additionally trigger a tragic finish for the poultry birds.

Geese will be stored not simply on giant homesteads and farms, however on small homesteads and even in backyards too. However, simply because a flock of geese will be efficiently and fortunately dwell anyplace doesn’t imply they essentially ought to. Solely after fastidiously weighing the professionals and cons related to duck preserving to find out you probably have the time, funds, and endurance to take action, do you have to rush to the native farm provide retailer or or hatchery web site and make a purchase order.

flock of ducks on farm

Duck Retaining Execs


Geese are extremely docile in nature. If you wish to increase meat and egg birds that aren’t susceptible to attacking, a duck will probably be way more to your liking than preserving a rooster with chickens or geese. Drakes (male geese) should not have spurs like roosters nor will they chase down and draw blood on their keepers and different domesticated animals or livestock.


It will be tough to discover a kind of conventional barnyard livestock that’s cheaper to boost. When allowed to free vary in the course of the day, geese will present the majority of their eating regimen – whereas ridding your yard or land of bugs. Considered one of a duck’s favourite issues to eat when foraging for meals is mosquitoes – one other added plus of elevating these feathered beauties.

duck sitting in pond


Usually, geese are additionally a quiet kind of livestock to boost. When in comparison with chickens, geese undoubtedly win the “quiet fowl” title. I’ve raised geese for years and the one time you ever hear noise from them is if you’re tardy at feed time, free vary put up snack time, or if they’re startled and make a run for his or her coop to succeed in security from a cat, fowl of prey, and so on. The outbursts of noise are all the time temporary. 


A number of drakes can get alongside collectively much more amicably than a number of roosters. Mature drakes won’t combat one another when sharing residing quarters. So long as you retain the advisable drake to hen ratio to your chosen breed to keep away from doubtlessly dangerous over procreation, there needs to be no worries when preserving a number of drakes to make sure the longevity of your flock.


New Additions

Geese are very accepting of recent additions to the flock. Not like geese, chickens, or turkeys, the “pecking order” with geese won’t contain attacking the unfamiliar birds. I preserve geese and chickens collectively in the identical coop and run with out incident – however everybody doesn’t all the time have this simple of an expertise when mingling roosters and chickens and geese. I all the time preserve chicks and ducklings collectively in the identical brooder, which I really feel paves the way in which for a contented house as soon as the birds are turned out right into a coop and run collectively – and when future new poultry birds are additionally launched.

Egg Manufacturing

Geese not solely lay bigger eggs than chickens, they lay them for years longer. In order for you farm recent eggs principally 12 months spherical, geese can be the way in which to go. Not solely will duck hens produce three to 4 eggs per week on common, in addition they lay the eggs between nightfall and daybreak as an alternative of on a 26 hour laying cycle that varies by hen hen. Understanding when to search for eggs and ensuring you aren’t lacking any, helps the geese earn their preserve.


I’ve raised a number of sorts and breeds of poultry birds and have constantly discovered that geese are essentially the most clever. When educating the birds the free ranging end up and put up routine in addition to their protected roaming boundaries, geese be taught, adhere to, and bear in mind the anticipated each day conduct much better than different varieties of poultry birds,

Backyard – Landscaping Destruction

Geese will empty all the mud puddles and low mendacity water pooling areas in your homestead or in your yard. When allowed to free vary to seek out their pure meals sources their rounded payments won’t do the almost the identical harm to your property, backyard, or landscaping because the pointed payments of chickens. 

As a result of domesticated duck breeds can’t actually fly, a brief fence is all that will probably be wanted to maintain them out of areas the place you do not need them free ranging or to herd them into a brief space to rid it of bugs – just like the backyard earlier than you plant within the spring or after the harvest. 

duck on a rural farm

Duck Elevating Cons


Geese are messy … they’ll truly be actually messy. In case you are solely acquainted with elevating chickens, it may be startling and irritating at first when realizing how way more work it may be to maintain a duck coop and run clear.

The droppings of geese are each bigger and extra liquid that hen or turkey droppings. The micro organism inflicting mess can flip a run right into a nasty mud lavatory rapidly and mandate the removing and set up of unpolluted bedding as soon as per week.

As a result of geese can’t be with out water to swim in and sometimes splash water round when simply ingesting, the run and particularly one foot across the run child pool or small backyard pond will grow to be exceptionally muddy. Spreading hay across the water characteristic and ingesting water areas WILL be a daily a part of the weekly duck husbandry routine and expense. Spreading gravel round and beneath the water characteristic and waterer will assist with drainage and the minimization of the mess. 

Frozen Water 

Through the chilly climate months of the 12 months geese will nonetheless needn’t solely ingesting water but additionally water to swim in. Retaining the water from freezing can grow to be a continuing battle for duck keepers. I like to recommend floating particular person water bottles or gallon jugs containing a 2 components customary desk salt and 1 half water combination within the water options and within waterers to maintain them from freezing.

ducks in water during cold months

Water Provide

Geese will drink at the least one liter of water per day, in case your geese usually are not allowed to free vary to swim in a pond, anticipate to be filling up the waterer every day. Geese shouldn’t be with out ingesting water or water deep sufficient to dip their heads and necks into for any longer than 8 hours. I counsel utilizing two or three waterers within the coop run while you preserve 9 or extra geese. If the geese usually are not permitted out to free vary for the majority of the day, set up two extra waterers. Even with ample waterers (geese swimming pool water will quickly get too nasty to drink and can must be hosed out and adjusted as soon as per week) anticipate the flock to empty them each two days.

Placing Geese In A Fish Pond

Domesticated geese will eat fish eggs and small fish. If you wish to use an present fond that accommodates both decorative fish or is stocked with fish for anglers to make use of for geese as nicely, anticipate to lose some fish. Precisely what number of fish eggs and younger fish the geese will eat every day will depend upon the dimensions of the flock swimming within the pond.

Pond Hygiene

A duck pond, wether it’s a conventional pond or a small ornamental backyard pond, can grow to be nasty and smelling if correct drainage and filtration isn’t in place. Retaining a duck pond clear doesn’t essentially require costly gear. 

Including some duck protected aquatic vegetation to the pond will assist filter out the duck droppings and scale back the attraction of bugs and the event of a foul odor. Geese like to eat algae and can assist to maintain an infestation of that undesirable substance from rising within the pond.


There’s a motive the phrase, “sitting duck” was coined. They’re intensely susceptible to predators. Though birds of prey (eagles are an exception) can’t often raise a mature duck, younger ducklings are a simple goal. With out a rooster to warn and defend the flock, shedding geese throughout free ranging is one thing to be anticipated.

We preserve livestock guardian canines and guineas to assist defend all of our meat and egg birds from each sky and floor predators like mink, weasels, bobcats, and coyotes.

ducks sitting near nest

Egg Sitting And Discovery

Whereas geese are like clockwork in relation to laying eggs, the place they lay them is one other story completely. Don’t look forward to finding the eggs nestled snugly in a nest like hen eggs. A duck will drop an egg wherever it’s standing when the urge to put strikes.

  1. Duck Egg Incubation

Many common duck breeds are glorious layers of high quality eggs, however awful sitters. Plan on investing in a superb incubator (about $100) if you wish to keep or improve flock numbers – or have ducklings to promote as a homestead aspect hustle.

Duck eggs are a bit extra problematic to incubate than hen eggs. They’re extremely prone to even slight fluctuations in humidity – equivalent to when the lid is opened even briefly. Count on a 50 to 70 % profitable hatching price when first studying the right way to incubate duck eggs.

There are a plethora of rewards related to preserving geese and just some cons – negatives. However, the cons of elevating geese can grow to be overwhelming and costly if you’re quick on time…or endurance. 

You probably have solely a yard or small acreage homestead (5 to 10 acres) for the geese to dwell upon, take into account buying a breed that prefers to free vary near their coop and run and are a light-weight or medium class physique measurement, for essentially the most profitable and stress-free outcomes.


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