Onagadori Chicken

The Onagadori chicken is a popular and stunningly beautiful chicken with distinctive long thin legs. The Onagadori has been bred down from the original skin, which is a very rare white chicken. Onagadori Chicken  The original skin breed was created as part of a study looking to create a chicken that would fight better than any other chicken in its environment. Onagadori Chicken  This was undertaken by Dr. Masamitsu Ichihashi from the University of Veterinary Medicine, Tokyo Metropolitan Research Laboratory of agriculture in Japan.

The Onagadori lays blue/grayish eggs that are covered in a creamy white coating. This is also how it gets its name. This chicken also possesses a unique lustrous crest that stands upright on its back. Onagadori Chicken If you look really close you can barely see the dark spots underneath the eyes. The head is small with a pointed beak and tufted ears. The eyes are almond-shaped and brown in color.

The Onagadori has a natural lustrous coat that is extremely durable and easy to maintain. It has a thick ruff of hair in the front and rear area that protects it against the harsh elements. Onagadori Chicken  This type of breed does not shed much during the winter months. Their metabolism rate is moderate and they are not considered high maintenance. This means that you can feed them plenty of fresh organic meat that will keep them healthy and happy for many years.

The Onagadori Chicken

In the wild, Onagadori chickens are primarily eaten by elk and antelope. However, the culinary world has taken an interest in this chicken recently. The Onagadori chicken is commonly featured in Chinese and Japanese chicken recipes. They are usually grilled or sauteed and mixed with soy sauce and other items to enhance the flavor.

While the Onagadori chicken is relatively small compared to other breeds, it makes up for size in personality and devotion. They love to be around people and work just as hard as any large farm animals. They can withstand temperatures of minus forty degrees Fahrenheit and can survive even temperatures that dip to minus fifty degrees. They do not have a disease common to most poultry, but your veterinarian can help you with any health issues you might have.

Onagadori chickens are easily sexed. They have distinctly distinct male and female characteristics that are easy to see. Males have blunt heads and larger feet, while females have pointed crook and smaller feet. You can tell a female from a male by looking at their pelvic shape.

Onagadori Chicken A Healthy Choice For Chicken Lovers

You can keep your Onagadori chicken with other birds and pets. They will mix readily with most breeds. However, your chicken coop should contain separate areas for males and females only.

If you want to buy a single hen, there are many breeders and chicken farmers that are happy to negotiate fair-trade rates. Onagadori Chicken  These growers may also waive the delivery charges if you buy from them. However, keep in mind that the price will go up if you buy more than one hen. The reason is that the birds mate together. Also, keep in mind that Onagadori chickens are known to be prone to tumors, so never buy a sick bird.

Once you have decided on how many chickens you will keep, you need to decide what to do with them once they are at home. Onagadori Chicken  Most people simply feed their chickens scraps from their plates. Don’t do this, as your chickens will eat the scraps, which can carry salmonella. Onagadori Chicken  This is especially important if you plan to allow your chickens to free-range.

Onagadori Chicken  Instead, purchase a quality coop and build a large pen there. Onagadori Chicken  You can provide your chickens with a variety of food, but make sure you wash all of it before feeding it to them. Chicken manure makes wonderful fertilizer, but it also contains salmonella.

Chicken Lovers

If you decide to build a chicken coop and you live in an area where you get sunlight, then you can place it in the shade. Onagadori Chicken  This will allow the chickens to gain all the nutrients that they need. Also, you will have to protect the coop well from predators, including owls, caribou, and hawks.

Onagadori Chicken It is very important that you build your coop high enough so that owls and other predators cannot access the nesting boxes. Onagadori Chicken  Place your chicken feeders at least 5 feet above the ground. If you live in an area where you get little sunlight, you can always purchase chicken lights, but if you place them too close to the coop, the chickens will not be able to use them.

The Onagadori chicken has a history that dates back hundreds of years in northern Spain. The best time to cook the Onagadori chicken is when it is young, because this is when they are the most delicious. You can buy Onagadori chicken from most chicken feed stores and sometimes from a local butcher. When you buy your chicken, ask for dry or fresh meat, which will be cheaper.