What You Need to Know About Magpie Duck Breeds

Magpie ducks aren’t always as famous or properly called the Pekin, Khaki Campbell, or maybe the Indian Runner breeds, however, they do have a really dedicated keeper and breeder community. The hens of this breed Magpie ducks are talented layers of first-class eggs. Magpie ducks Both hens and drakes (mature male ducks) are superb meat birds – if keepers can stand to butcher those exceedingly lovable and sociable ducks.

Magpie Duck History

Magpie ducks M.C. Gower-Williams and Oliver Drake – each of Wales, are believed to were the authentic creators of the Magpie duck breed withinside the 1800s. The Belgian Huttegem become additionally part of the cross-breeding manner used to create the Duck breed. Belgian Huttegem ducks may additionally have a few Indian Runner duck breed ancestry. Ducks have been first imported into America with the aid of using Michigan farmer, Isaac Hunter, in 1963.

Magpie Ducks
The American Poultry Association did now no longer understand Magpies as a legit breed with set-up requirements till 1977.  Black Magpie ducks have been first identified with the aid of using the association, Magpie ducks accompanied with the aid of using Blue Magpies some years later.



  • The common lifespan of a Magpie duck is eight to twelve years.
  • Magpie Duck Physical Characteristics
  • Magpies are categorized as a “mild class” breed of duck.
  • Mature  weigh among 3 to 5 pounds, on common.
  • Indian Runner ducks have been believed to were used withinside the cross-breeding manner that created Magpie ducks.
  • The incredibly upright carriage on individuals of this breed, together with the feather colorations and plumage sample aid this type of belief.
  • The feathering on is predominantly white, apart from a big patch of colored plumage on each the again and crown of the pinnacle.
  • Due to the pinnacle form of the duck and the spot of colored plumage at the crown,  it seems the ducks are carrying a flat cap on their heads.
  • Magpie ducks boast a protracted frame, however one which isn’t as cylindrical in form because of the Indian Runner duck. The frame carriage on those ducks are among 15 to 30 tiers horizontal whilst a Magpie is a status in a comfortable pose.
  • The diploma of horizontal stature is a touch better whilst this kind of duck breed individuals will become stressed.