Houdan Chicken, also called Poule de Houdan, is a popular breed of cross between the White Leek and the Bass Chick. Description The Houdan Chicken is usually a white leek color with dark eyes. It has a stocky body with a thick rump and dense thighs. Its short neck and pointed crest give it a friendly yet intimidating appearance. The Houdan’s name comes from the word ‘oudan’ meaning wind and ‘hanone’ meaning windmill.

A Guide to the Houdan Chicken Breed

Houdan Chicken

Characteristics The muscular development and robust nature of the Houdan make it an excellent cross breed with White Leeks. Its flesh is thick, round and has an overall boneless appearance. The Houdan has solid, short and well-balanced legs that give it an athletic appearance. Its short and rounded crest and short, pointed wings give it a gentle, fluttering appearance. The short, pointed beak is used to crack open nuts and to peck at chickens.

Houdan Chicken Eggs

Character Traits The Houdan Chicken breed has compact bones and a short, strong neck with an upright tail. Its head is square with almond shaped eyes. The head is well protected by its short, pointed beak. The short, pointed beak allows the chicken to reach and take down larger birds without injury.

Fitness The stockier and plumper breeds are considered unfit by most modern standards. The Houdan Chicken breed is neither fat nor obese. They have medium-length feathers and are usually found in pastured areas. They do not retain heat well, which limits their ability to keep warm in winter. Their meat does not retain well either, so they must be fed often.

Houdan Chicken Egg Color

Feeding The Houdan chicken is fed a mix of grains, vegetables, chicken feed and worms. They are not given supplements. They should not be fed beef or pork. The most commonly used food for these breeds is corn.

Character Traits Easy to care for and very active. They make a great choice for people who have little time for maintenance but want top quality cocks. These breeds will provide good meat and eggs throughout the year. Easy to breed and are found in a variety of colors and patterns. Breeds vary from tan to apricot and white.

Houdan Chicken

Houdan Chicken Breed

Character Traits Good cold tolerance. They are very active and do well in colder climates. Breeds have been crossbred to create the desirable characteristics. These breeds are considered low-maintenance, though they still need plenty of exercise. They are good with other animals, but should not be exposed to too much stress.

Houdan Chicken For Sale

Availability Houdan chickens are available in most cities. In addition to breed there are a number of other factors to consider when choosing a breed. Decide if you want a single or multiple color. Know which color works best with your other pets. Consider the living space, size and cost when making your final selection.

Houdan Chicken Characteristics

Purpose The most common reason to own Houdan chickens is for ornamental purposes. They come in a variety of colors, though the most popular is tan. Some are used for the sole purpose of showing off their unique qualities. The most popular colors are tan, white, black, chestnut, and orange. Crossbreeding different breeds to create more unusual colors has allowed for more creative uses.

Houdan Chicken Colors

Health A healthy flock is a good investment. Because of their size, these cocks require daily exercise to stay happy and healthy. They require a lot of room to roam, so it’s a good idea to buy enough space for their home area. They can live peacefully in an apartment, but an outside coop is best. They are also prone to colds and are prone to respiratory diseases.

Houdan Chicken Size

Additional Characteristic Just like any other breed, there are some additional characteristics to look for when purchasing a Houdan Chicken. These include a solid body, which gives a sleeker, more powerful appearance. They have a long neck and a head that are easily recognizable. Their beaks are big and sharp, so they can grasp small objects. Their feet have strong soles, and they don’t walk very fast.

Houdan Chicken Nz

If you’re considering buying a Houdan Chicken, keep in mind these important facts. They’re known for their meat, but they’re also known as very good pets. These breeds need plenty of room for nesting, proper care from the owner, and regular exercise. Talk with other chicken owners to see which breeds they prefer.

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