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Suet for chickens Suet blocks for chicks and poultry are widespread amongst poultry keepers, and a big retail market has shaped around promoting them. Suet cakes for chickens Little do individuals know, suet for chickens is straightforward to create and your flock will go loopy over it! The primary ingredient to have readily available for making suet desserts: fats. Wholesome animal and vegetable fats are the factors that binds the opposite suet cakes components collectively. Earlier than leaping in to make suet desserts it is very important to know why they’re wholesome and why they’re good to have readily available.

Suet for Chickens: a Wholesome Boredom Buster Deal with

Suet desserts should not solely wholesome treats for chickens, they assist to attenuate boredom and pecking points inside the flock, particularly a flock which is stored in an enclosed house. Suet blocks will be catered to the season or based mostly on the wants of the homemade suet cakes for chickens chook.

  • Summer season — make the most of peanut butter, herbs, entire grains, seeds;
  • Fall, for molting — suet, dried bugs, dried herbs, entire grains, seeds, black oil sunflower seeds;
  • Winter, for heat — suet, dried corn, entire grains, black oil sunflower seeds, herbs;
  • Spring, empty the pantry — suet, dried fruits and herbs, oats, seeds,

The components will change; nevertheless, one factor which can stay identical: suet has to be used.

Splendid for Molting

Throughout the molting season, create a suet recipe that is excessive in protein to your flock. Add gadgets similar to black oil sunflower seeds and dried grubs to promote feather progress.

Good Winter Treats

Within the winter months, particularly for individuals who reside in excessive temperatures, suet blocks add wholesome fat to your chickens’ weight loss plan. Barely fattening your birds will preserve their heat through the coldest elements of winter. It’s throughout this time which many individuals add entire or cracked corn to suet blocks. When given in small quantities, corn is useful to your chook; giving your chickens corn cobs through the summertime can be an important boredom busting deal with. Be sure that to attenuate the quantity of scratch grain to offer your flock.

Suet Blocks for Chicks

A suet block for chicks will comprise the identical components as one created for mature poultry. Chicks can eat the identical forms of grains and seeds, dried fruit, and the identical selection of suet as grownup birds; nevertheless, the components have to be sufficiently small for simple digestion. A meals chopper, NutriBullet, or meals processor can chop entire components for youthful poultry.

What’s Suet? Deciding on the Finest Fats Choice

It’s the suet that binds the components collectively.

Suet desserts are made with pure fat similar to tallow, lard, meat drippings (hamburger or bacon grease), poultry fat (rooster or duck fats), and coconut oil. Historically, animal fat had been utilized in a winter chook suet recipe, nevertheless, most of the animal fat are onerous to come back by. Because of this, coconut oil has change into a well-liked selection amongst yard rooster keepers for vegan suet. Can birds eat coconut oil? Not solely is it available at many markets, coconut oil is excessive in saturated fat making it a wholesome possibility for chickens and wild birds.

In contrast to the opposite fat talked about, bacon grease incorporates excessive quantities of salt, which isn’t wholesome for chickens and different poultry. Chickens should not in a position to eat excessive quantities of salt and when a big quantity is consumed it might change into poisonous. With that mentioned, poultry do want a small quantity of salt to thrive; with out it a chick’s progress is gradual and the birds usually have little vitality with boring feathers. Salt is already added to many balanced rooster feeds, so combine bacon grease with one other fats, slicing again on the quantity of salt provided. Or keep away from utilizing meat drippings altogether.

One other different to rendered fats and coconut oil is low-sodium peanut butter. Can chickens eat peanut butter? Sure! Peanut butter is far inexpensive than the opposite fat recommended, to not point out it is a perfect ingredient for making do-it-yourself peanut butter suet desserts through the summer time months because it holds its form nicely. Peanut butter incorporates nutritional vitamins A, C, D, E, Ok, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, folate, pantothenic acid, choline, and betaine that are important to robust bones and eggs.


Grains, Seeds, Entire Corn Kernels

Chickens should not choosy eaters, although we as poultry keepers are choosy as to what our birds eat. Because of this, wholesome components are recommended for this suet recipe. Can chickens eat wild chook seed? It’s one of many healthiest components so as to add to suet for chickens.

  • Entire Grains — wheat, barley, oats;
  • Seeds — dried peas, millet, black oil sunflower seeds or shelled sunflower seeds, and even packaged chook seeds;
  • Nuts — chopped, unsalted nuts of any selection;
  • Entire or cracked corn.

Be happy to combine and match the components based mostly on what you’ve gotten out there.

Dried Fruit and Herbs

Dried fruits are good so as to add to do-it-yourself suet for birds like chicks and grownup poultry; nevertheless, they need to be provided in small portions since they’re excessive in sugar. A couple of frequent dried fruits present in suet for chickens embody raisins, cranberries, blueberries, and strawberries, although any sort of fruit can be utilized.

Dried herbs are additionally a wonderful merchandise so as to add to suet recipes. Oregano, thyme, and sage are immune-boosting herbs for chicks in addition to grownup birds.

Dried Bugs

Add a bit of pleasure, and further protein, to suet cake recipes for birds by including dried bugs. Mealworms, grubs, soldier fly larvae, and even crickets are helpful to your flock of all ages. Dried bugs are exceptionally wholesome. Be happy so as to add as a lot as your flock will eat.

Storing Pre-Made Suet Truffles

Suet desserts will be made in bulk and saved within the freezer to stop them from turning rancid. In the precise circumstances, suet blocks can final for days however look ahead to any indicators of mould and spoilage. Additionally remember the fact that suet blocks that are disregarded, particularly at night time, will appeal to rodents.


Home made Suet Truffles for Chickens: a Easy Suet Recipe


  • 2 cups coconut oil, or suet of selection
  • ½ cup black oil sunflower seeds
  • 2 cups entire grains
  • ¼ cup raisins
  • 5 tablespoons dried grubs


  • silicon mould
  • mixing bowl
  • spatula
  • suet holder, or rope


  1. Soften the coconut oil or suet till it’s liquid.
  2. Add the components.
  3. Place all components right into a silicone mould.
  4. Cowl with a dishtowel and permit to harden.
  5. Take away from the silicone mould and place it into the suet holder.

Make suet for chickens collectively as a household. Your kids will take pleasure in making treats for the flock, as a matter of reality, this makes a wonderful studying expertise for little ones. Additionally, a suet recipe will be modified in accordance to what’s in season. Create a number of desserts and see which your birds take pleasure in essentially the most. It’d change into your chickens’ favourite meals!

Initially revealed within the December 2020/January 2021 concern of Yard Poultry and frequently vetted for accuracy.


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