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The Faverolles Chicken is originally from the stock of several breeds of chickens used by farmers all across France. The name itself sounds very familiar, as this is the very same chicken that started the process of mass-producing poultry in that region. The exact history of these chickens is not known but most likely, during the mid-1860s, the first chickens were produced commercially and these were sold to local farmers. Faverolles Chicken By the late 70s, the production of Faverolles had significantly increased and so did the number of farms producing them.

Faverolles: A Great Breed of Chicken for Families With Tolerance

Description The Faverolles Chicken is an elegant breed of white-colored chicken commonly called “Faverolle.” The exact breed name is Faverolles, perhaps not coincidentally, the same name as the very same area where the breed originated. Wikipedia has this to say about the Faverolles: “The chicken originated from the Roussillon region of central France during the later Middle Ages. The name Faverolles was applied in order to distinguish the breed from other birds of similar color, such as the blue-cheeked mouse, the pale yellow breast fed chestnut, or the white-tipped tanned leg.

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Faverolles Chicken Characteristics The white chestnut colored breast is considered one of the more attractive features of this breed. These come in a variety of sizes and patterns. They are relatively large and can be seen easily under a breast cap or in a hand at rest position. This is in contrast with other breeds of white-fronted chickens that tend to be a bit shy or unfriendly when being handled.

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Feeding and Management The male of this white-fronted chicken breed will grow into a medium sized adult after reaching around twelve weeks of age. Faverolles Chicken This is considered an easy type of chicken to handle because they have good egg production, although they may have issues with over-feeding. The male will also reach sexual maturity around two years of age. For those who wish to raise these chickens as pets, they will have to be weaned off their natural diet after they turn around the second year of life.

Faverolles Chicken

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There are a variety of methods through which these chickens can be raised. Faverolles Chicken They can be kept on an outdoor run or inside a fenced coop. There are those who like to feed the male chicks while they are still in their eggs. It is important to note that they will only be able to eat baby chicks if they are given food to eat themselves before that time.

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Because this breed is considered to be a non-indigestible meat, you should take special care to clean up after them. Faverolles Chicken To help the clean-up process go smoothly, you can hang the chicken coop where they are easily visible. It will also help if you will bury the chicken droppings so that the odor will not be too strong.

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Faverolles are generally easy to feed and breed very well. However, you will need to supplement your diet with vitamins and minerals. They do not typically carry any diseases, but you will want to make sure that you know if your chicken has either chicken pox or a disease of some kind. If you are not sure about a particular disease, it is always best to consult a veterinarian before you decide to feed your faverolles any chicken food. Even though the Faverolles Chicken are considered to be white meat, they do not always digest well.

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Faverolles Chicken Lifespan Caring for your faverolles chicken is a fairly simple process. You will want to be sure that you make fresh water constantly available for them. When it comes time to feed them, it will be wise to pick the bird that looks most healthy. Faverolles Chicken Facts Once you have chosen the right chicken for your family, you can then start thinking about whether or not to raise additional hens. Faverolles are a great breed for families with a low tolerance for animals, but once you have given them a chance, they will provide you with years of enjoyment and great quality eggs.