The Dorking Chicken is a British breed of chicken. It’s name is derived from the town of Dorking in Surrey, England. This is one of four breeds of chickens credited with the name Dorking. This is also one of the few breeds to be certified by the Royal poultry society in the United Kingdom. Because this particular breed is so rare, it has become even more special to those who enjoy keeping birds for themselves.

The Advantages of Having a Dorking Chicken as Pets

Dorking Chicken

Dorking chickens are generally nocturnal orurnal, pecking at insects and small animals that pass by as they forage for food. This makes them very interesting to watch. They are very active and alert during the day, but more lethargic at night. Their diet is dependent upon their condition, but most breeders and owners feed them table scraps and organic matter.

Dorking Chicken Egg Color

The Dorking Chicken is susceptible to worms. To avoid worms, the pet must be wormed regularly. Most breeders advocate daily worming, but some also give their pets garlic supplements once or twice a year. This prevents the build up of toxins in the digestive tract which often causes worms.

Dorking Chicken Eggs

It is extremely important to socialize your bird to avoid stress and strains. Many breeders are not strict about this, and many owners don’t have any problems whatsoever with this. Socialization will help your chicken to cope with other people and animals. If you have had your birds long enough and socialized them well, you probably already know how your chickens react to others. Your breeder should be able to provide documentation on this, or you can ask around.

Dorking Chicken Australia

Some Dorking Chicken owners find that feeding their chickens antibiotics is helpful. There are mixed reviews here: some say it works, some say it doesn’t. It really depends on the individual and how much you feed them. There is no proof that antibiotics are harmful to chickens, so if you decide to use them, only do so under the direction of your vet.

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Dorking chickens tend to be very lively and inquisitive. This makes them easy to train. A young chicken should be taught to walk on a leash, not stand on it. If your chicken does not follow this command consistently, praise him profusely and feed him lots of treats. If you don’t catch your chicken taking a walk on a loose leash, don’t worry; most breeders take care of this by teaching them to release their tension by walking into a corner and releasing their tension.

Dorking Chicken

Dorking Chicken

Dorking Chicken Characteristics

Some Dorking Chicken breeds are considered aggressive towards other chickens and cats. If this is the case with your pet, it is imperative that you learn as much about these breeds as possible. Some examples of aggressive breeds are Dorset, Cocker and Collie. Consult your breeder or pet store about the types of chicken that are more aggressive.

The Dorking chicken breed is usually easy to take care of and maintain. They like a daily dust bath and are usually easy to breed. In fact, they are very good breeders. If you have decided to breed this type of chicken, be sure to choose a healthy male. You can buy Dorking chickens in most pet stores or from a chicken coop directory.

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The Dorking chicken is usually good for people who do not have time to devote to walking or feeding the birds. They are very active and can get really messy in a way that other breeds of chicken are not. So, if you are living in an apartment, you may not have the room for a large yard. However, if you live in a spacious house or a large property, you can consider adopting several small birds to enjoy and provide you companionship. You can also choose to purchase some of the same breed so that you can have many pets at the same time.

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If you have more than a single chicken, you can usually keep them together in a fenced in area. You should remember that these chickens are usually used as meat chickens and therefore, you should not feed them anything that is too nutritious. Also keep in mind that most chickens like to scratch so if you do not want your yard covered with scratches, you should buy a breed that does not require daily scratching.

Dorking Chicken For Sale

Another advantage of having this breed of chicken is that they are very friendly and affectionate. Unlike many breeds that tend to be aggressive towards humans, the Dorking chicken is very calm and docile. If you already have other pets at home and if you are new at raising chickens then this is probably one of the breeds that you should consider adopting. The following are some tips that you can use when looking for your pet:

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