Can You Maintain Geese As Pets? Every little thing You Want To Know


Geese are mostly saved as egg and meat birds on homesteads and even in massive backyards, however they can be raised as entertaining and affable pets, as effectively. These cute poultry birds could make nice pets, so long as keepers don’t anticipate them to behave like a pet retailer fowl or a cuddly kitten.

Ducklings are sometimes chosen as pets for youngsters round Easter. Dad and mom typically have a tough time resisting the fuzzy little cuties when their beloved youngster is begging for one. However, earlier than opening your pockets to spend a couple of bucks on ducklings, take into account the long-term money and time funding holding the duck well-cared for would require.

Preserving geese as pets requires the right arrange, the correct of breed, time, house, dedication – and by no means elevating only one alone. Geese are flock birds, they want companionship of their very own variety and never simply people to stay completely satisfied and wholesome.

Agricultural provide shops like Tractor Provide and Rural King, in addition to skilled breeders are prohibited by regulation in most states from promoting a single duck to a buyer. In lots of states, patrons are required to buy a minimal of three or 4 geese at a time.

flock of ducks foraging in field

Issues To Think about Earlier than Preserving Geese As Pets

Duck Conduct 

  • Don’t anticipate a duck to curve up in your lap and cuddle, however most breeds can be affable and revel in spending time with their keepers. Some duck breeds get pleasure from having their bellies gently rubbed. 
  • The intelligence degree of geese far surpasses that of chickens. The geese will wish to observe you round and encircle you to have treats tossed to them. 
  • Watching the geese swim and waddle about is nice free outside leisure. In case you use a child pool within the coop run that has a slide, a number of the ducklings or geese will spend hours hopping onto it and splashing down into the water – which can also be very enjoyable to observe. 
  • Geese are usually not imply like a goose or rooster may be and don’t chunk out of anger. Nevertheless, they could get your finger with their pretty robust rounded invoice if you end up petting them or feeding them treats. This act might startle a younger youngster, however is not going to break the pores and skin. 
  • Geese get pleasure from shiny and transferring objects – just like chickens and pet store birds, geese usually get pleasure from shiny objects like mirrors, taking part in with strings connected to bells, and comparable shimmering objects as a type of leisure.
  • One other good motive to not maintain geese inside is because of all the poisonous smells they’ll come into contact with. The fragrances utilized in hairspray, after shave, and fragrance may be extremely dangerous to birds due to the style by which their olfactory glands work. 
  • It is possible for you to to inform in case your duck likes you in the event that they make a contented sounding quack that sounds just like a chirp after they hear your voice or see you coming. If the geese come to face proper subsequent to your or encircle you exhibits they consider you as a protected house to be and maintain you able of belief.
  • Some, however not all, geese actually get pleasure from listening to music. Enjoying music to your geese to get pleasure from AFTER they’ve develop into accustomed to each you and their new atmosphere.

ducks walking around in run

Indoor Residing

Potty Coaching – Preserving a duck as an inside pet and placing a diaper on the fowl is unfortunately turning into fashionable and the main focus of extensively considered YouTube movies. If you’ll maintain a duck as a pet you have to respect the animal and perceive that as a poultry fowl it’s nonetheless livestock even if you happen to title the fowl and adore it dearly. It is going to be unimaginable to accommodate practice a duck, it simply just isn’t going to occur irrespective of how exhausting you strive.

Geese don’t possess sphincter muscle groups, subsequently management over their urination and defecation is solely not attainable. Very shortly after foraged meals or poultry fowl feed enters the duck, it begins to return out on the opposite finish.

Water Entry – Placing a duckling in a tub or perhaps a plastic child pool within the storage infrequently is not going to create the right husbandry state of affairs it wants to stay both wholesome or completely satisfied. A duck should have entry to wash water to swim in and dip its head into always. As soon as a duckling suprasses at the least two weeks previous and the physique oils that assist it dry rapidly, it ought to by no means go with out water for greater than eight hours – on the very most. 

Development – A duckling will mature right into a far bigger poultry fowl in comparatively no time in any respect. In just some months that cute fuzzy little duckling is usually a almost mature fowl that weighs between 6 to 10 kilos.

duck hen protecting eggs

Egg Laying – Some breeds of duck hens begin laying eggs when they’re just some months previous. Even if you happen to have been capable of buy solely feminine ducklings (which is unlikely as a result of these birds are not often sexed like chickens when bought) she is going to nonetheless lay eggs. Whereas the eggs can be unfertilized if the hen doesn’t have entry to a drake, she is going to nonetheless drop them throughout the home, porch, or yard that’s serving as a dwelling or free ranging space. Duck lay their eggs between nightfall and daybreak. Anybody strolling within the duck dwelling space will possible step on an egg or two if they don’t seem to be positioned inside a duck home or a coop with an connected run at night time. Mature hens sometimes lay between 3 to 4 eggs per week.

Noise – Some duck keepers warn of us that these poultry birds can develop into very noisy and loud. My expertise has been the alternative, however my flocks have the run of loads of acres and a big pond to carry their consideration. If the geese are saved in an area that’s too confined and develop into bored or agitated, they’ll develop into rather more vocal.

Mess – Duck droppings are massive, frequent, and messy. That is but one more reason why holding a pet duck inside is a very horrible concept. Even when holding geese as pets in a coop and run atmosphere you continue to might want to take care of the mess from droppings and from all of the water they’ll splash out of the kiddy pool or small backyard pond. The bedding in the home or coop will should be eliminated and changed with new clear bedding as soon as per week to forestall micro organism, mildew, or mildew that may make the geese severely unwell. 

duck following their keeper

Will Geese Get Hooked up To Their Keepers?

Geese will rapidly be taught who their keepers are and reply to the sight of them and sound of their voice. The extra you work together with the geese when they’re ducklings, the higher the possibilities of them accepting being petted – or having their bellies rubbed. 

A duckling might imprint upon you if you happen to truly hatch them in an incubator and once more, deal with them and speak to them ceaselessly. You may order fertilized poultry fowl eggs from massive breeding operations, like Meyer Hatchery and Murray McMurray Hatchery, for instance.


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