Finest Meat Duck Breeds


Maintaining geese for meat has been on the rise in the USA for a number of years. Whereas manufacturing facility farms have lengthy provided connoisseur cooks with duck meat, extra people are beginning to increase these fabulous birds not just for the massive and creamy eggs they produce, however for his or her tender meat on small farms and homesteads, as effectively.

Whereas any duck may be stored and harvested for its meat, sure breeds provide not simply extra meat, however further taste and fewer grease, than others. It’s all the time finest to decide on a duck breed from the “heavy weight” class when elevating these poultry birds particularly for his or her meat. 

A big breed tends to develop higher muscle tone, which can be helpful when breeding and elevating geese for meat. Some duck breeds have been deemed multi-purpose or dual-purpose. This implies they’re usually equally adept at producing each meat and eggs. Elevating dual-purpose duck breeds in your homestead offers you one of the best of each worlds.

Buying a duck breed that’s liable to maturing shortly may also minimize down on the fee related to meat duck husbandry. The earlier the birds are able to butcher, the much less money and time you should have in elevating them. My favourite duck breed to boost is the Pekin, it is without doubt one of the prime breeds that matches the entire above classes – it grows shortly and produces glorious high quality meat and a excessive egg yield.

duck and chicken farm

What Does Duck Meat Style Like?

You probably have by no means eaten duck meat or consumed it ready by a novice and never a chef in an upscale restaurant, the preliminary style is perhaps shocking. Duck meat is usually described as having a “gamey” style. 

Duck meat can style bit nearer to crimson meat than it does from its fellow barnyard poultry hen – the widespread rooster. When cooked correctly, duck meat will style tender and moist with a flavorful fats. When you make a mistake throughout the cooking course of, the thick fats on many meat duck breeds won’t be full of taste and crispy however thick, rubbery, and fully nasty.

The pores and skin on duck meat is considerably extra thick than the pores and skin on rooster and different poultry birds. It may be troublesome at first to get the dangle of cooking a hen with such a thick pores and skin or eradicating it throughout the preparation stage.

What Age Do You Butcher Geese?

One of the best age to butcher a meat duck will rely not less than considerably on the breed being raised. Some duck breeds mature much more shortly than others. Ideally, not less than from an ease of plucking perspective, 7 to eight weeks of age is advisable for meat duck butchering. 

You possibly can pluck a duck’s feathers as you’ll a rooster throughout the butchering course of, or dunk the complete carcass in water that’s really scalding sizzling – between 145 and 150 levels. The duck carcass should stay submerged for a full minute for the feather removing to happen.

5 Finest Meat Duck Breeds Info

pekin duck in farm


    • Also referred to as: American Pekins, Peking Geese, White Pekin Geese, German Pekins, and Lengthy Island Ducklings.
    • Delicate flavored meat is the preferred commercially raised breed in the USA. 
    • Twin-purpose duck breed
    • Heavy weight class
    • Matures shortly
    • Produces principally darkish meat 
  • Pekin geese mature to butcher weight by the point they’re six weeks outdated once they weigh roughly six kilos. 
  • Jumbo Pekins – a variation on the breed, weigh between 9 ½ to 11 kilos at 12 weeks outdated. 
  • Pekin duck meat has a variety of fats to the floor that may then be rendered and utilized in different recipes.
  • Pekin geese lay between 225 and 300 additional massive eggs per yr, undoubtedly incomes them a strong twin objective duck breed rating.
  • Pekin hens are glorious layers however awful sitters. To maintain producing extra meat birds and maintain flock ranges you will have to put money into an incubator.
  • Geese of this breed are very good foragers and will provide not less than half of their day by day dietary wants throughout all however the winter months – when they may nonetheless forage for a few of their meals.

moulard duck sitting in field


  • Also referred to as: Mulard Geese, Magret Geese, and Mule Geese..
  • Meat might boast extra strong taste than Pekin.
  • Moulard duck meat provides massive cuts.
  • Extra floor fats from Moulard than Muscovry geese.
  • Moulard geese are the sterile offspring ensuing from the mating of a Pekin hen and a Muscovy drake.
  • Moulard geese are second in meat duck recognition solely to the Pekin in the USA and are sometimes the meat duck of alternative in Canada and France. 
  • Since these geese won’t reproduce, you may be pressured to rigorously breed solely Pekin hens with Muscovy drakes – separating out ducklings of the unsuitable breeding intercourse as quickly as you possibly can destinguish their gender. 

muscovy duck standing in grass


  • Also referred to as: Barbary Geese
  • Muscovy meat has much less fats than Pekin and boasts a powerful taste. Breast meat from a Muscovy duck has roughly 50 p.c much less floor fats than Pekin breast meat. 
  • Giant cuts of meat may be harvested from this in style meat duck breed.
  • This Mexico duck breed is the preferred meat duck in its residence nation and all through each Central and South America.
  • Muscovy meat is about 99 p.c lean, making it a really wholesome alternative of protein.
  • This meat duck breed can’t quack. They make oly a low hissing kind sound, making them an exceptionally quiet breed to maintain.
  • Muscovy geese are usually not twin objective like Pekin as a result of they’re poor egg layers. 
  • This meat duck breed will forage when free ranging however doesn’t sometimes succeed at discovering sufficient meals on their very own to meet half of their day by day dietary wants. 

ayesbury duck breed


  • Standard yard and small homestead meat duck in the UK
  • Aylesbury geese produce a chicken that’s each full of taste and tender. 
  • The Aylesbury duck breed have inhabitants numbers in “susceptible” ranges so discovering breeders or ducklings of this high quality meat duck breed could also be troublesome.
  • It takes roughly 7 to 9 weeks for members of this duck breed to mature to butcher weight.
  • As soon as totally mature, a drake often weighs round 10 kilos and a mature hens weight roughly 9 kilos.
  • Aylesbury geese are respectable egg layers and under common sitters. They shouldn’t be thought-about a twin objective hen. 
  • Members of this duck breed are glorious foragers and might discover about two thirds of their day by day dietary wants whereas free ranging. 

rouen duck breed


  • Rouen are usually not a twin objective duck breed, however they’re shut. The hens are above common layers and pretty respectable sitters.
  • Members of this French duck breed are comparable in coloration to Mallard geese and are sometimes mistaken for them. Rouen geese are literally a bit bigger than their wild counterparts. 
  • Rouen duck meat has a excessive fats share that floats to the floor and can be utilized to make some very scrumptious noodles or rendered for different culinary makes use of.
  • Rouen geese are good foragers and extremely regarded for his or her hardy disposition.
  • Mature Rouen hens sometimes weigh 5 to 7 kilos as soon as they attain maturity.
  • A mature Rouen drake generally weighs between 8 and a half to 10 kilos.
  • It takes about 14 to 21 days longer for a Rouen duck to hit butcher weight than it does Pekin geese. 
  • Geese of this breed are identified to be pretty quiet and docile.

When elevating meat geese it’s important that the poultry birds garner sufficient protein of their weight loss plan to meat or exceed the anticipated butcher weight within the desired time-frame.

Feeding some kind of waterfowl or poultry hen feed to complement the pure protein garnered when foraging for meals whereas free ranging goes to be important to wholesome and correct weight acquire in most circumstances. Poultry hen feed generally discovered at agricultural retailers like Rural King and Tractor Provide are superb to feed to duck meat birds – aside from ducklings. All the time ONLY feed ducklings non-medicated chick starter and never medicated – elements in one of these feed may be dangerous to geese.

I strongly suggest utilizing a recreation hen feed when supplementing foraging as a result of its excessive protein share. If the meat birds are being wintered over, which might want to occur along with your breeders to proceed the flock (except you wish to purchase all new birds within the spring) growing protein take when foraging alternatives are at their lowest can be necessary. 

The one further work that retaining geese for meat, eggs, or each might entail in reference to rooster husbandry, is the necessity for a water function if the birds are usually not going to be butchered at six weeks outdated. Maintaining the geese wholesome in order that they produce meat and eggs you wish to feed your loved ones requires the identical coop cleansing and disinfecting routine. I’ve by no means had an issue retaining geese, chickens, and guineas collectively. However, I might extremely suggest towards including turkeys or pheasants into the identical coop and run as a result of measurement and hardiness variations between the varied sorts of poultry birds.


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