5 Finest Small Duck Breeds To Personal


Small duck breeds are mostly known as “bantam” breeds. Usually, geese on this class weigh solely between 4 and a half to 5 and a half kilos as soon as mature. A tiny or bantam duck breed is right for homesteaders in a small 5-acre plot of land or for folk who wish to preserve egg birds in a small city or suburban yard.

Members of the bantam duck breeds are small however the eggs they produce are nonetheless bigger than these laid by many rooster breeds. The amount of eggs produced by small duck breeds is mostly lower than their normal stature friends, however they’re equally wealthy and creamy to style. 

Small duck breeds are additionally a wonderful selection for instructing your youngsters or grandchildren the farm to desk idea in addition to a way of duty. The small dimension and often calm demeanor of bantam duck breeds don’t often intimidate even younger youngsters – or novice adults who’ve by no means labored with livestock earlier than.

5 Finest Small Duck Breeds

Silkie Ducks
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1. Silkie Duck

Members of this small duck breed are as sensible and docile as they’re lovable. Silkie geese have extremely mushy feathers and look so stunning and ideal they might almost be mistaken for a cute stuffed animal lovingly positioned in an Easter basket.

As soon as mature Silkie geese attain solely a two pound weight, on common. They’re mild and virtually all the time readily settle for affection from their keepers. This small duck breed is understood to be inquisitive and enjoyable to look at roaming about their pen or when free ranging as they examine their environment and romp of their water supply.

Silkie geese are avid free rangers and can fortunately rid your yard or small homestead of bugs which can be damaging to the backyard comparable to beetles, slugs, grubs, and snails. 

That is my favourite of all small duck breeds. Silkie hens make excellent mommas. They aren’t solely excellent at hatching their very own eggs, similar to bantam rooster hens they can even “undertake” eggs from different hens and hatch them as nicely. After the eggs hatch, just a little Silkie then is aware of her job just isn’t completed and helps watch after and train her ducklings the right way to survive. 

Hens of this small duck breed have a tendency to put between 50 to 85 eggs yearly. In my expertise, Silkie duck hens will lay much more and even accomplish that all through the winter. Many of us declare Bantam rooster hens don’t lay many eggs or produce in the course of the winter in any respect, however as soon as once more my expertise with the small rooster breed hens is totally completely different.

call duck in field

2. Name Duck

Name geese are extremely standard with duck keepers who need eggs however would not have quite a lot of house or a big pond to maintain normal dimension duck. In truth, members of this small duck breed have precipitated even massive homestead keepers to develop into enamored with them because of their magnificence and affable demeanor.

A mature Name duck will weigh just a bit bit multiple pound. They’ve massive lovable eyes, a tiny beak, and a considerably spherical head that has typically been in comparison with a tennis ball, and a tiny but compact physique.

The tiny name geese had been the primary stay poultry birds utilized by Dutch duck hunters in an try to lure Mallards into their sights. Whereas Name geese are sometimes stored as pets and for yard egg birds, their largest supply of recognition is as exhibition waterfowl.

Members of this small duck breed boast plumage that’s pastel, buff, bibbed, white, grey, snowy, magpie, darkish silver, white and silver, black, Mallard, pied, or blue fawn in shade. The one actual draw back to maintaining Name geese in a small house is their noise stage. These tiny birds are among the many loudest of all duck breeds on account of their need to name to one another and nearly all the pieces else in earshot.

Mature hens of this small duck breed typically make good mommas. They produce between 75 to 80 eggs yearly, on common.

australian spotted duck standing on ledge

3. Australian Noticed Duck

Though the identify of those small duck breed members make them sound as in the event that they hail from the “land down below” they really had been created in Pennsylvania. This small duck breed was developed by crossing the Name, Mallard, Northern Pintail, and an unknown kind of untamed duck from Australia. 

Australian Noticed geese boast the identical affable nature of the Name duck. Their excessive foraging prowess and hardiness possible comes from their wild Mallard ancestors. The Pintail duck heritage is current within the distinctive teardrop form of their tiny our bodies. As soon as mature, members of this small duck breed weigh roughly two kilos

Hens of this breed sometimes lay between 55 and 125 blue, inexperienced, or cream coloured eggs yearly. If you will rely solely on a small duck breed hen to supply eggs for the household breakfast plates, the Australian Noticed duck is probably going the very best breed to fit your wants. Youngsters love amassing the colourful eggs and guessing what shade they may get every time they prepared themselves to hunt for them within the duck home run. 

There are three completely different shade varieties on Australian Noticed geese – silverhead, greenhead, and bluehead. All geese of small breed have flecks or spots all through its plumage.

Not like most breeds of domesticated geese – each small breeds and normal breeds, members of the Australian Noticed breed are fairly succesful flyers. Fortunately, these birds choose hanging out at dwelling as an alternative of flying off into the wild. They’re good free rangers and might shortly rid any puddles or ponds of mosquitoes briefly order.

welsh harlequin ducks on farm

4. Welsh Harlequin Duck

These proficient egg layers are additionally extremely regarded for his or her docile demeanor and calm nature. As soon as mature, Welsh Harlequin geese sometimes weigh round 5 kilos – or 80 ounces. Even youngsters can elevate a hen of this small duck breed to test for eggs or to assist practice it to free vary. 

Welsh Harlequin geese are hardy to each cold and hot environments and make glorious foragers when allowed to free vary even in small backyards.

carolina wood duck on water

5. Carolina Wooden Duck

These small Wooden geese are discovered on each the East and West coasts of America, in addition to throughout the Southern area of the nation. They’re glorious flyers and migrate in the course of the chilly climate months if their wings aren’t clipped when domestically stored exterior of a duck home run. 

Within the wild, this small duck breed prefers to stay in moist areas round creeks and lakes the place there are many bushes or close to swamps. Carolina Wooden geese choose to spend as a lot time on water and forage close to water each actively and proficiently. Resulting from their flying skills, the Carolina Wooden duck prefers to nest in a tree as an alternative of on the bottom.

Members of this small duck breed are additionally sometimes called “perching” geese as a result of the design of their webbed ft makes them much more adept and perching on a department like a rooster than some other recognized duck breed. 

Some of us have traditionally dubbed this Bantam duck breed as “dabblers.” The phrase is in reference to the style through which they shallow dive into the water with their heads whereas maintaining their colourful tail feathers nonetheless clearly above the water’s floor. 

The Carolina Wooden duck drake boasts vibrant white striping, a uniquely crested head, and a breast that could be a darkish  shade of purple – standing in fairly the distinction to its iridescent head of inexperienced plumage. This duck has yet another strikingly uncommon function – it has purple eyes. Females have a extra muted shade scheme of brown plumage beneath white markings and a white eye ring. When it isn’t mating season, a few of the drake’s vibrant colours fade. 

Regardless of their small dimension, these geese are avidly hunted all through North American because of the tender and flavorful meat they produce. Carolina Wooden duck hens typically lay only one clutch of six to 16 eggs per yr. They’re one of many few breeds of duck hens that may truly lay their eggs in a nest, so long as it’s positioned close to a water supply.

Mature Carolina Wooden duck drakes weigh round 25 ounces and hens weigh roughly 23 ounce after reaching full maturity.


Small duck breeds formally vary in dimension from 24 ounces to 40 ounces, in keeping with breeding associations, however most keepers contemplate any duck that weighs 80 ounces or beneath to be a small breed.

The smallest recognized bantam duck breeds are the Mandarin geese and the Wooden geese, every weighing in round solely 24 ounces at full maturity. The most important small duck breeds are the Welsh Harlequin geese, Name geese, and East Indie geese all weighing in between 26 to 80 ounces. 

On common a Bantam mature duck drake will weigh round 2 and a half kilos. Youthful drakes and mature hens weigh barely much less, with the ounces various typically drastically by breed.

Small duck breeds are sometimes a pleasure to maintain as a result of they’re so colorfully lovable and are typically affable and affectionate in nature. So long as you don’t require only a small flock of hens to supply all of the eggs the household will want over the course of a yr, maintaining a Bantam duck breed will convey pleasure and never disappointment.


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